Available Workshops

Parents and Teens:

Destressfying School

Gain a broad understanding of research-backed approaches that help students succeed in school with less stress.

Procrastination Busters

Understand why students procrastinate. Learn how to help students counteract procrastination and get started with less resistance.

Jump Start The School Year

Learn how to get organized from the beginning so there is less stress during the rest of the school year.

Anti-Cram Finals Prep

Utilize cognitive science research to study for finals without cramming, and get better grades.

Transitioning to College

Anticipate the common roadblocks, and create a game plan for college success.

Teachers and Administrators:

Integrate Cognitive Science-Based Classroom Techniques

An introduction to how cognitive science can be used in the classroom to reduce student stress and increase every student’s mastery of the material.

Reduce Homework and Help Kids Achieve

Understand how to use research-based study techniques to increase student learning while reducing daily homework and teacher stress.

Effective use of Student Information Systems

Student information systems are more than just an online grade book – they can help teachers streamline their lesson plans, help them create a syllabus, and improve student outcomes.


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