We all need three things to get things done effectively. We need the correct tools, helpful teams, and robust routines.  When all three of these are in place we can accomplish a lot more with less stress.


The more tools students have in their toolbox the faster and more effectively they can study. Students who have access to a large number of study tools can be strategic.  They can match the tool and their approach to the type of quiz, test, or assignment they are being asked to complete.


Teams are made up of designed people we know we can go to when we need help. Our teams can help motivate, create and stick to routines, can help us build our toolbox.  For example, if we know we need to study for a quiz the next day, but we do not know how to study we can ask someone on our team to help us brainstorm.  This saves us a lot of time and stress and will help us increase the probability of doing well on the quiz.


Routines can help us get things done faster.  When we create routines we do not have to think about every individual task. For example, if have an after-school routine we know how to transition from school to homework.  Without a routine, we have to make this choice each day, and this takes time and energy.  With a routine, that time and energy is saved and can be used to get through the work faster.  This helps increase the amount of downtime and sleep we can get.