Study Skills

Strategic Study Skills

Not all students find school stressful, but as parents, we know that transitions and increased academic and organizational challenges are often on the horizon.  Because study and organization skills are rarely taught as part of an official curriculum, motivated and proactive students can gain a strategic advantage by learning more effective and efficient techniques.  By gaining study skills ahead of educational transitions, students avoid encountering common educational roadblocks and help your student get ahead.

Study Skills

The study skills that are necessary for success vary depending on the grade level.  They include:

  • Managing multiple classes and teachers
  • Tracking assignments from multiple sources
  • Note-taking
  • Studying for cumulative final exams
  • Managing daily homework loads
  • Balancing extracurricular activities
  • Planning long-term projects
  • Time management strategies
  • Building in study time
  • Optimizing study time with retrieval practice
  • Transitioning to college
  • Working on group projects
  • Advanced writing strategies
  • Short and long-term planning
  • Advanced analysis, synthesis, and application of concepts

How to proactively learn these skills?

The good news is that these skills can be taught and students who learn them will be set up for success at school.  I teach students appropriate skills to help them achieve in their current educational level, and be prepared for the future.

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