Stressed out Students

Is School Suddenly Stressful?

Parents sometimes unexpectedly find school much more stressful: arguments about procrastination, homework, and grades get worse, performance at school declines, and the source of the problem is unclear.

Although many parents worry this set of events might mean their child has developed emotional problems or learning disabilities, the answer may be far more simple: your child has probably hit one of the roadblocks of the educational system.

What’s an Educational Roadblock?

An educational roadblock is when the required study and organizational skills increase, and students don’t have the tools they need to succeed. Our current educational system assumes that students will just learn these skills as they progress through school, but they are not part of any state or national curriculum.

Roadblocks can happen at any time, especially when:
  • Starting middle school
  • Starting high school
  • During second-semester shifts
  • In Junior year of high school
  • Transitioning to college
  • Starting Grad School

How to overcome educational roadblocks?

The good news is that the skills necessary to overcome these roadblocks can be taught. Students who learn them will be set up for success at school.  I teach students appropriate skills to help them achieve in their current educational level, and be prepared for the future.

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