Do you feel overwhelmed studying for the SAT?

There is a lot of contradictory advice floating around. Paying for books or tutoring can also get expensive, and there is often no evidence they can fill exact gaps or increase scores. With all that students need to do in high school, they need to know that the time they are using to study is effective.

I suggest that students use Khan Academy’s FREE SAT platform to study for their exams. Using this approach makes studying very effective and time efficient. Khan Academy’s data has shown that students who spend on average 20 hours using the software saw on average a 115 point gain between their PSAT and SAT scores, twice the typical point gain between the PSAT and SAT.

Because the Khan Academy is the official test prep partner with College Board, they can offer a lot of perks. First, it creates a FREE and customizable SAT study plan for each student. Second, the site offers test-taking strategies and tips from the College Board. Third, it provides students with eight full-length tests so they can practice realistic test scenarios. Additionally, it provides helps for adults to help support their student through this process.

Students can also link their College Board Account, allowing the algorithm to use their PSAT/SAT question results to diagnose what they specifically need to review. If students have not taken the PSAT/SAT, they can also take free diagnostic quizzes to create their study plan. This personalization means that students can study what they need to raise their scores effectively.

Students can also benefit from using private SAT tutors who can further help students customize their test-taking skills and help them refine their study process.