Are you stressed about college the college admissions process?

There is understandably a lot of excitement stress around preparing for college. The process can feel overwhelming. I have found that the key to successfully navigating this process is to start early and to keep track of the awards, accomplishments, and events along the way. This approach can help students and parents be less anxious about because there are concrete steps they can take to shape their future proactively and will be an invaluable asset to get you through the admissions process.

The ScholarPrep college organizer is a fantastic way to take the stress out of preparing for college admissions. This organizer can help students and parents quickly see what needs to get done and identify the critical milestones for grades 9-12.  The organizer creates a system for tracking progress and accomplishments over multiple years and even provides pockets in each section for papers and awards.

The organizer is broken down into the various categories that will impact college admissions and scholarship applications:

Academic Testing
Extra Curricular Activities
Community Involvement
Awards and Honors
Leadership and Experience
Work Experience
Essays and Personal Statements
Letters of Recommendation
Space for Personal Notes
Blank Customizable Sections (I use one for HS specific graduation requirements)