I am always searching for great planners for my students. It is often difficult to find a good planner that accurately captures the unique scheduling needs of students. After listening to an interview with the designer, of My Class Tracker, I decided to test with a few with of my students.

My students who used the planner thought that it was better than the other systems they had been using.  They universally felt that it helped them organize their school work and activities more effectively.

There is so much to love about this planner. I have created a list of some of my favorite features:

  1. An entire week is visible at a time. This helps students visualize what is due the next day and in relation to the rest of the week so they can plan ahead.

  2. It has ample space for weekend planning. Many students benefit from working ahead on the weekends.

  3. Students can see their day at a glance. Every school day offers students have a section for reminders,  projects/quizzes/test, assignments, and extracurricular activities. The district grouping makes it easier to remember the things they need to get done.

  4. Reasonably priced. The current cost of a planner is $23.99. And they often have sales.

  5. The weekly countdown at the bottom right-hand corner, help students know how their current week fits into their larger goals and deadlines, making time visible in a unique way.

It is evident that the designer understands the needs of students. The simple and practical design make My Class Tracker an excellent way to help students organize their assignments and after-school activities.