There has been a considerable spike in teen anxiety over the last few years (NYT). Anxiety and stress are complex, with a lot of interconnected events and processes. I have noticed that a lot of the stress and anxiety I see in students stems from their fear of making mistakes and no longer being perfect. I have found that parents also feel these stresses for simple things like home repairs you can get done if you hire an emergency service.

Teens need to know that they can recover and learn from a variety of mistakes. They need to know that they can bounce back. When students see that they have the ability to be resilient, they can experience a setback without it becoming a crisis. Setbacks are stressful students need a collection of strategies. First, they need to know how to process what happened. Second, they need to know how they can make choices going forward. These skills are not innate, parents and teachers and help students by modeling and teaching these skills.

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