One of the most effective ways to learn new material is to quiz or test yourself. An excellent tool for self-quizzing is Quizlet. Quizlet offers students a lot of advantages over traditional flash cards because it uses an algorithm to help students avoid illusions of knowing. In addition to traditional flashcards, students can create quizzable diagrams from photographs, screenshots, or the Quizlet Database. The combination of text and visuals create a potent learning tool. It is a powerful tool that I encourage students to use.

However, most assignments are not given in a quizzable format; as a result, many students avoid using Quizlet because it is time-consuming to retype all the information. Quizlet has devised ways to import information quickly. I have created a series of videos that can help students make Quizlet decks faster. These short videos demonstrate how quickly students can make quizzable study tools and learn more efficiently.