Do you wonder what to do over the summer while still having fun?

Students and parents often feel burnt out from the school year and as a result, do not take full advantage of the opportunities that summer offers.  Working on a few core skills can help students reduce their stress during school.

I suggest that students start with something that interests them, such as art, writing, science, math, reading, or history. After they have picked a topic or project that they are interested in exploring, they need to break that project down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

One of the most critical skills that students should master is how to plan and carry out tasks successfully when they do not have pressing deadlines.  Knowing how to break down goals and meet self-created deadlines can help students procrastinate less and prevent last-minute panic.

The summer is an ideal time to practice building this skillset. Students benefit when parents or coaches help them plan out their goals and guide them to break down their goals and set interim deadlines.

By the end of the summer, students will have improved their ability to create goals, break down tasks into small achievable chunks, and had experience using their unstructured time.

The open-ended summer schedule is an opportunity for high school and middle school students to experience an agenda that is similar to the college experience.