Be Active

See learning as a lifelong quest. Use tests and assessments to gauge your travels but do not give up on the journey because you got a lower grade than expected. Use it to help you rethink your strategies and tools.

Use strategies like retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving as much as possible. Ideally start early in the semester. Don’t rely on what feels best, quiz yourself to make sure you know what you know.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t just stay in the learning strategies that feel comfortable. Take your learning preferences and consider how these are helping you and how they can be creating blind spots. Use a lot of strategies and learn as you go. Develop strategies for overcoming your study blind spots.


As we are studying, we are changing our brains, and it takes effort. The more cognitive energy you use, the longer your learning will last.

Use Examples

As yourself what the similarities and differences are and if these similarities and differences mean that there needs to be an entirely different solution or if you can build on one to another. Try to extract the underlying rules of both.

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