Do you ever feel like you have trouble keeping your family calendar current?

Family calendars help make time visible for the whole family. They are also an excellent way to model organization.

Family Calendars as the most useful when they are as accurate as possible. To maintain accuracy they should be updated on a regular basis. These meetings do not need to take more than 5-10 minutes and can be apart of other gatherings such as before or after dinner.

The frequency of the family calendaring meetings directly depends on the number of things that must be tracked. Ideally, families should try to sit down and review what is happening at least once a month. The frequency of planning also depends on the type of calendaring system (paper, or digital link).

To help streamline the calendaring process, transfer existing external calendars and schedules into the family calendar. These include items such as the yearly school calendar, monthly newsletters, or sports schedules. Batch entry can help families see further out in time and highlight busy weeks or potential conflicts.