I wanted to share a fantastic story of a student that I coached through preparing for her high school finals. This was her first experience studying for finals, and she wanted to do well.  However, she was very resistant to the idea of adding new study strategies, because she was convinced that she could do well with her usual methods.

We came up with a plan to test her theory. We decided to randomly divide her classes into two categories, my method, and her approach.


My Method
Science: 95
English: 96
History: 96
Average: 95.5

Her Method
Math: 83
Spanish: 83
Technology: 88
Average: 84.6

In the classes where she used retrieval practice, created deadlines, and formed a strategy, she was able to score more than a letter grade higher. Although the method selection was random, her “hardest” classes used my methods, and she was able to score well above her expectations and the class average.

The use of scientifically backed study techniques allows students to achieve in school with less stress because they actually work to help master the material faster.