Teaching is a very challenging profession, but we need to realize that some classes do not work for some students.  The cause of these gaps can be stylistic, lack of access to resources, unclear lectures, or a combination of many interconnected issues.   The solution is to figure out how to learn the material in the class independently.  This is often hard for students because of the expectation in middle and high school is that learning will be directed by an instructor.

When students encounter a class that does not provide adequate support it is often disorienting.  I have seen students insist that they should just give up because there were no solutions to the problem.  In the video, I discuss some of these solutions. I have yet to encounter a class where there are no solutions to mastering the material.

In addition, building an independent learning toolbox is an essential life skill.  This will help students transition to the workforce where they will need to pick up skills as they onboard and progress through their careers.