You can check out an overview of the two steps note-taking process here.  This post is a deeper dive into what lecture notes are and why they are valuable.

First, I call them “get it down notes” because that is the main goal of taking notes in class.  The main goal of these notes is to “get down” the main points of the lecture.  This allows us to add context to the material that we need to master for class, specifically what the teacher thinks is important.

Second, these notes help us structure how we will study. When we are in class we often assume that we will remember all of the details and nuance that we are learning, but in reality, this is not very common.  We need a record of our classes so that we can remember what was covered.

It is important to develop a strategy for in-class note taking. Taking notes in class can be stressful, but with practice, it gets easier.   If lectures move very quickly,  consider the techniques of taking textbook notes before class.

Watch the video to hear more about “get it down notes”